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The most compact DSP amplifier on the market.

Amp to select Midpower / Highpower mode. In Midpower mode, the power of the amplifier is limited and you can use the car′s original harness. If you are using Highpower in mode, you should route your own stronger power cord. The MK2 version has an updated ACO 32-bit processor. NOTE!    If you are about to connect the amplifier to the car′s original harness, make sure it has a PP-AC adapter harness. Also needs PP-ISO 1m, 2.2m or 5m harness    In some car models, suitability is limited by the model of the original audio system, if something specifically mentioned for the adapter wiring harness,    please make sure that your system is one that can be connected.    (Eg, Audin BOSE, BMW Navi Professional, Mercedes Harman / Cardio not possible)