Helix E52 C.2

1 890 kr

Leveranstid: 3-6 Arbetsdagar i lager



Once again the new E- Series loudspeakers (formerly known as ″ESPRIT″) have set a new marker in the industry in terms of outstanding workmanship and acoustical performance. Intelligent construction combined with selected materials guarantee an exceptional listening experiences and maximum reliability. The woofer cones of this loudspeaker series are made from woven fiberglass. The structure provides essential stiffness with a high inner damping, thus no disturbing resonances. The result: powerful and clear low frequency reproduction. A stiff basket with additional ventilation holes and our proprietary HELIX design assure ultimate voice coil cooling and high power handling. Their sound characteristics and reliability are as a result from our specially shaped butyl surrounds. Extensive fine-tuning of the crossover brings with it a precise splitting of the frequency band. It ensures a flat frequency response and unprecedented harmonic sound. The tweeter has also been upgraded. Its splendid high frequency resolution will guarantee brilliant and well balanced highs. The classic design underlines the high-end aspect of this speaker series.