Ground Zero GZPW 15NEO-SPL

29 900 kr

Leveranstid: 3-6 Arbetsdagar i lager



Subwoofer level: World Champion! This driver is made to exceed 170 dB sound pressure levels. With Klippel-optimization every weakness is found and taken out. Leaving a rock solid combination without any weaknesses. Structure is insanely robust. Cone is a handmade 3-layer carbon cone. FlatWire voice coils are made in japan and 4″ in diameter. SPL Power handling ( that driver can handle the competion time ) is 20 000 watts. HighRoll sandwich surround and multilayer progressive spider keep the cone motion in line even in insane levels of movement. The biggest specialty in this subwoofer is NEO-motor that gives this badass its name. With this motor BL is 37.4 N/A!


Produktmodell PLUTONIUM
Technical data 15″ SPL Competition subwoofer

Diameter 38 cm / 15″
Mounting diameter 391 mm 
Mounting depth 307 mm 
Voice coil 4″ Flat wire
Cone Carbon composite fiber
Power Handling 20000 W SPL Power
Impedance 2 x 1 Ohm
SPL 91.42 dB
Xmax 30 mm ( one direction )
Fs 41.2 Hz
Qts 0.19
Vas 25.6 L 

Suitable for: 
Sound Quality use ☺☺
SPL Competition use ☺☺☺☺☺☺
Low bass performance 20 - 50 Hz use ☺☺