DD Audio Redline 812 D1

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DD Audio Redline 812 D1

Redline new 800-series with black 4″ Made In USA voice coils! Completely renewed Redline 800-series offers many advantages over the older design. Redesigned frames and suspension geometry allow lower Fs and greater excursion potential. These two things combined give you a LOT OF BASS especially at lower frequencies. Revised voice coils have increased thermal handling , reduced inductance and increased efficienfy. These features give you smoother response, more output with same amplifiers and more power handling. Aesthetic improvements are also made. Red double stitching no more exists, redline is now visible between cone and thermoformed multilayer surround. Dustcap-logo is made of reflective foil layer. All cones and dustcaps have now black matte finish. Alucast frames have DD branding. Triple ventilation of voice coil, laminated multiple spiders and extended pole pieces that have made DD subwoofers so outstanding, are still present in these new models. Redline 700-series subwoofers have 4″ voice coils available in dual 2 or 1 ohms. Available sizes are 12″, 15″ and 18″.



  • 12″ subwoofer
  • 4″ voice coil
  • 2x 1 ohms
  • power handling 3000 W RMS
  • power handling 6000 W Peak
  • linear x-max +- 20 mm
  • x-mech 95 mm
  • fs 36.187 Hz
  • qts 0.454
  • vas 24.314 liters
  • sensitivity 85.4 dB/1W/1m
  • mounting diameter 288 mm
  • mounting depth 243 mm
  • Vd 8,74 liters