SoundQubed QS-SD25 PAR

490 kr

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Dome tweeters tend to have a smooth response, excellent dispersion and good sensitivity. Hear every tintinnabulation with the right tweeters.

The QS-SD25 build starts as a silk dome with integrated suspension and a voice coil attached to the rim. The moving piece is mounted on a frame and set in a ring magnet motor and the tweeter is finished off with a top faceplate.

When it comes to dome tweeters, three important things to look for are:
1.) Low Mass
2.) High Stiffness
3.) Good damping

Low mass is essential for the limited spatial constraints in your car audio system and it is important for a tweeter to be agile enough for fast motion, which is required to produce the high frequencies you need.

High stiffness is essential in tweeter design for minimizing distortion, so the sound waves produced by the tweeter won’t affect the cone’s shape. When cheaper materials like paper are used, the distortion from your car stereo’s electromagnetic waves can easily change the shape of the cone, deforming it.

Damping refers to your tweeters ability to stop moving in time with the music and is paramount for clear and faithful reproduction of your favorite albums.

The QS-SD25’s dome shape radiates with a louder sound than many other traditional tweeter designs- Because treble frequency waves are more directional than bass frequency waves, the wider wave dispersion creates a larger sweet spot of smooth sound. Larger domes will distribute the sound waves more effectively but will require greater power.

Dome style tweeters provide stellar acoustics because of their sound distribution and dispersion. Silk is used in dome tweeters for a balanced and lifelike tone- Dome tweeters like the QS-SD25 that use silk are reinforced with synthetic materials that increase stiffness for superior damping so that even at high volumes, their response is smooth as well as accurate. Soft dome tweeters sound refined, warm and smooth.

SoundQubed QS-SD25 silk dome tweeters bring crisp, high frequencies to your listening experience. Even in complex mixes, you’ll hear clarity, brightness and presence that stock coaxial speakers can’t deliver. Add these to your big build to balance out booming, burping bass, or opt for the QS-6.5 component set to upgrade your stock system from lifeless factory component speakers to a vibrant boombox-on-wheels.

With standard 75 Watt RMS power handling, your new soft dome tweeters are a perfect addition to your car or truck’s audio system. Their frequency response covers 3.5-22kHz and they mount almost anywhere! You’ll be able to mount these with only 13mm of mounting depth and a 44mm cutout. That allows for easy placement in the A pillar or dash tweeter locations without forcing you to modify, cut or otherwise customize your car, if a stock look is what you are after.

One pair of QS-SD25 soft dome tweeters is the missing piece to maximize your system’s range. Combined with your choice of QP Series Pro Audio Midrange Speakers and SoundQubed subwoofer options, you’ll dramatically elevate your listening experience.

For daily drivers without a lot of ground or engine noise, dome-style tweeters may provide the optimal balance to your mid range drivers and subwoofers. Silk dome tweeters like the QS-SD25 will be easy on your passenger’s ears, as they won’t chew your face off in the same ways a horn style tweeter will.




  • RMS Power Handling:    75 Watts
  • Peak Power Handling:    300 Watts
  • Tweeter:    25mm Silk Dome
  • Frequency Response:    3.5-22 kHz
  • Mounting Depth:    .51 In/ 13 mm
  • Cut Out:    1.73 In/ 44 mm