SoundQubed HDS3.115-D2

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The heavy duty HDS3.1 series subwoofer is built to handle 1200 watts RMS power and up to 2400 watts Peak Power and is available in 10, 12 inch and 15 inch sizes.

To meet the subwoofers beefy power needs, a high quality, 3 inch diameter, four layer copper dual voice coil is nested in a conical backplate for supreme voice coil travel with a non-pressed cone for maximum rigidity.

The HDS3.1 features black electroplated top and bottom plates as well as a vented backplate to provide optimum cooling and less turbulence in the coil gap.

The dual magnet motor houses two ferrite slugs at 190mm by 25 mm (7.5” x 2”) and a bumped t-yoke for longer travel and fewer playing issues. 10 AWG push terminals are included to make installs easier, regardless of whether they’re wired in series or in parallel.

Your new HDS3.1 woofers have a mounting depth of only 6.6 inches for the HDS3.110 and 6.61 inches for the HDS3.112, so you can install them virtually anywhere.

Featuring a powder coated stamped frame and a 199mm three piece spider, this system allows for lower tuning and greater performance than previous models. HDS3.1 subwoofers can be utilized in any DIY install including, sealed ported and bandpass enclosures.

A green double-stitched Extended Range of Motion (EROM) profile surround design keeps your cone diameter as large as possible while allowing for long, controlled car speaker excursion.



  • Model HDS3.115
  • RMS Power 1200 W
  • Peak Power 2400 W
  • Magnet Weight 160 oz
  • Coil Diameter 3.0″
  • Coil Length 40 mm
  • Usable Throw 28 mm
  • Woofer Size 15″
  • F(s) 35 Hz
  • Impedance D2
  • Z(max) 41.3 Ω
  • Q(ms) 5.64
  • Q(es) 0.579
  • Q(ts) 0.525
  • V(as) 67.53 liters
  • L(e) 6.06 mH
  • n(0) 0.56 %
  • M(ms) 261 grams
  • C(ms) 0.71 mm/N
  • Sensitivity 1W/1m 89 dB
  • BL 20
  • Displacement .11^ft
  • Mounting Depth 7.44″
  • Circle Cutout 13.56″